10 Steps To Gardening With Nature
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10 Steps To Gardening With Nature: Using Sustainable Methods To Replicate Mother Nature is written by Carole Ann Rollins, PhD and Elaine Ingham, PhD. This 100-page full color book provides practical guidelines and steps to follow to be successful in a Gardening With Nature program.  Both authors hold PhDs and are known experts in the organic gardening industry. Gardening With Nature means more than just switching from chemical fertilizers to organic gardening products or implementing sustainable growing practices. "The switch" involves implementing a whole new preventative approach to gardening. Through a question-and-answer format the authors describe how to grow organically and sustainably using a Gardening With Nature approach. The beautiful photos and colorful illustrations enhance the text by being engaging, informative, and inspiring. There are more photos in this book that makes it more interesting to look at. The photos are beautiful which inspire the reader to try out the type of gardening described in the book so their home can look like those in the photos. The illustrations are simple and easy to understand and help clarify the text. The text is easy to understand because it is in a question and answer format providing small bites of information.


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10 Steps To Gardening With Nature

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